What Dream of Blood Means

детективы книги Натальи Солнцевой К чему снится кровь серия Игра с Цветами СмертиA treasure hunter obsessed with the idea of gaining wealth is ready to do everything possible to pursue his aim. However the treasure – the gold earring with the red ruby and the sign of Osiris – is not only hard to get, it costs life to the new keeper. Evgeny Kovalevsky, the jeweler who owned the earring next was killed too.
Valeria was convinced she was also in danger. Her fear increased when the found the earring in her apartment. She desperately sought the way out. And finally she asked for help…
Vlad and Siur who investigated the case understood that the confusing case was strangely connected to smiling Buddha’s figurine. But questions remain – how the jeweler obtained the treasure, where the second earring was, and who was the real owner of the fatal jewelry.
The number of riddles does not decrease, they arise during the investigation.
In the mysterious way, current events are intertwined with life and death of the beautiful woman Sabkhidari, the mistress of rajah, whose gift to her the rubies were.

Series “Playing with the colors of death”:
Book 1 “Await the pilgrim on the stormy day”
Book 2 “What dream of blood means”
Book 3 “Beware of Serpent Queen’s glance”
Book 4 “All coincidences are not accidental”.

This is the second book of the series “Playing with the flowers of death”.
It is more gothic than mystical or detective novel because love to the dead and the atmosphere of past times fill this book. It does not make it worse because all depicted events are fascinating and hold the attention of the reader. In this book we meet new key characters – Valeriya and Nikita. Valeriya also owns the statuette of Buddha as well as Tina. She also obtains the ruby earrings from her lover who was killed by some unknown people. Her element is fire; she can control it, but does not know yet how to succeed it in. Yet the puzzle is not complete. Why Buddha statuettes bring death and who is after their owners? The quest for answers leads the characters further and further…
As for me, “What dream of blood means” is the best gothic novel I have ever read. It is perfectly in the traditions of Old Russian literature and is definitely worth reading.


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