Venus and Demon

детективы книги Натальи Солнцевой Венера и ДемонAn owner of a private dog-breeders club… and Privy Councillor of politicians and businessmen Denis Matveev has been killed in a cottage located near Moscow. Prescient man, he used to solve the most difficult crimes without any problems, but he was unable to divine his own death…

A bronze statuette of Venus, made by Italian maestro Benvenuto Chellini in XVI century, turns out to be the instrument of crime.
In accordance with the ancient legend “Nude Venus” gifts its owner with unflagging affectionate strengths, but then brings misfortune and death. Matveev wished to own the bronze goddess without any fear. The detective Vseslav Smirnov, who is hired by one of the Matveev`s clients, realizes that the woman is essential part of this case…

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