Vacation in a Villa with a Ghost

детективы книги Натальи Солнцевой Отпуск на вилле с призракомProserpine – goddess of the underground kingdom – possessed the casket where the secret of love and death was kept. The persons who looked inside were in danger of falling into the deadly sleep.
Astra Eltsova who entertained herself with private investigations came to the villa in the Crimea upon invitation of the master of the house, Akim Yudin. He asked her to investigate strange events which took place there.
The young wife of his son had the feeling that someone was hiding in the house. This feeling drove her mad.
The imaginary fears have ended with a real crime – Katya, the housemaid, was stabbed to death. The police supposed it was a maniac, but Astra had no doubt that the murder was connected to “skeletons in the cupboard” carefully concealed by the Yudin family. The idea was confirmed by the fact that nearby in the mountains there was a dolmen called “Proseprine’s Casket”. But how the ancient myth about the goddess of the underground kingdom can be related to the family of the successful businessman?

This detective is for literary gourmets. The intriguing and unconventional modern story is intertwined with the ancient mythology and history. The reader unravels the mysterious murder story together with the characters as well as plunges into the amazing world of the ancient mythology and the history of the Crimea.

Do not go to Lethe, and do not turn
The black grass into the deadly wine.
Do not crown the whitening brow
With purple grapes of Proserpine.
(N. Gumilev)

The next mystery of Natalya Solntseva takes us to the Crimea coast. This place is closely connected to ancient Greek myths and gods. But strange as it may seem, people do not feel safe and happy near the places of ancient power. The Yudin family is touched by the mystery too – young Spiridon, the heir of family riches, falls in love and marries a very strange woman. The woman is beautiful, but does not remember anything about her past. She is nervous and so frightened of strange noises at their villa that hardly can sleep.
Her father-in-law feels a vague suspicion looking at her so he asks Astra Yeltsova to investigate the situation at his son’s home. Astra and Matvey come to the villa in the Crimea at the same time as esoteric experts invited by Akim Yudin arrive there. Each person has his own aim and his own place in the puzzle. Suddenly the calm is broken – Katya, the maid, is found dead at the nearest city where she came for shopping. Her brother is hit by the car to death on the same day. How can Astra identify the killer? Where the gods act, people cannot use their logic. She has to ask her intuition only.
The clues mentioned by Astra were enough to scare the killer off. Unable to confess, he tells the truth only to Astra and Matvey handing them his letter. Then he commits a suicide. The dolmen which played the important role in the lives of Akim Yudin and Yelena (his son’s wife) remains undisturbed. People may come there only in their dreams and visions… The goddess Proserpine still keeps her secret.
If you want to unravel this mystery together with Astra, you should read this book! You will surely be interested in the secret of Proserpine and the deadly mystery of Akim Yudin.


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