The Treasure of Kitezh City

детективы книги Натальи Солнцевой Сокровище Китеж-градаA silver amulet from Kitezh city protects its owner from any misfortune. But if a person does evil things to obtain this amulet, its force will bring harm to the owner…
This is a legend on which the book is based. According to another legend, Kitezh, the ancient Russian city, escaping from the troops of khan Batyi, disappeared under the water in front of the very eyes of all observers.
Since then the legends are being told of that city; people from the neighborhood claim that nowadays they hear Kitez bells, see the lights and sometimes even meet the residents of the mythical city…
The current events are the following: Varvara Nedelina, the owner of “Lotus” club for women, decided to attract attention to her club by the rumor that the club has its own “ghost” like old English castles. She agreed with Zinaida, a choreographer, that Zinaida should imitate a suicide as if unanswered love made her do so. To Varvara`s amazement, Zinaida really disappears! And she receives a warning about the upcoming misfortune – a lotus flower with a petal torn off…
Perhaps, the sacred relic from the sunken city which Varvara came across long ago is the reason for all strange incidents?

“Life is amazingly full of humour… as you can see gods pretending to be beggars”. Osho

The ancient Russian city Kitezh existing in legends, and the modern Moscow – how could they be connected? Love and hate, beauty and faith are eternal things which survive through centuries. They are merged in Natalya Solntseva`s detective “The treasure of Kitezh city”.
Varvara Nedelina, its main character, seems to be a victim of her own plot – she persuaded a woman (an employee of her woman club staff) to commit a fake suicide but the woman really disappeared. And a real ghost has emerged in her woman club – the ghost of an Indian dancer. During the party devoted to the Lotus (a flower which served as a name and symbol of the club) the second mysterious death happened. Varvara could not guess that the clue to the murderous riddle of her life lay in her past (she was brought up in the family of Old Ritualists which observed very rigid religious rules and believed that if they lived a decent life they would go to their paradise, Kitezh city).
The “detective couple” Vseslav and Eva make their first steps together investigating that mystery, and they succeed in preventing a tragedy. The results help the characters of the story to live better lives and to seek their paradise on Earth without thinking of things which are unreal for them…


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