Three Deaths of Columbine

детективы книги Натальи Солнцевой Три смерти КоломбиныThe sandglass of Ekaterina Medici’s personal astrologer may foretell the future and warn of the danger. But it chooses the owner itself…
Alexey Glebov could not understand his wife Magda any more. When he saw her at night by his bed with the dagger in her hands, he decided not to endure this any more and contacted Astra Eltsova who performed private investigations.

While Astra was trying to understand Madga’s “eccentricities”, the real (not imaginary) crime happened – the woman whom Alexey dated revenging his wife for coldness was found strangled. Glebov swore that is was not he who killed the woman. But this could not be said about Magda… Gaining a deeper understanding of their complicated relations, Astra realized that the clue may be found in the past when Madga’s ancestors received the sandglass of Ekaterina Medici’s personal astrologer.

In this book, Natalya Solntseva reminded us about time – the strange and cruel thing which we cannot control. But some people gifted by some esoteric knowledge (like Rudgieri, the personal astrologer of Queen Ekaterina Medici) could see more than common people. The magical instrument which helped the astrologer was his sandglass decorated by the gold doves’ figures. The sandglass helped to see the future, but its predictions were always accompanied by Death.

The modern story is the story of romantic couple who met in Venice, the city of lovers. But suddenly their life becomes the nightmare. The husband, Alexey, suspected his wife, Magda, in insanity and murderous attempts. He loved his wife, but at the same time was afraid that she would kill him. When he realized that he would not succeed in resolving the mystery, he asked Astra Eltsova for help. It was known within the certain circles that she could investigate mysterious cases where “the other world” participated together with modern people and passions. Nevertheless, Death takes her victims, but Astra resolves the mystery returning the sandglass to its next owner – Magda. Still, the mysterious moment remains though the murderer is discovered and punished – how could Magda receive the sandglass from the past?

There is always a mystery which cannot be resolved, only taken as it is. This attracts our attention to Natalya Solntseva’s books.


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