The Weed’s Diary

детективы книги Натальи Солнцевой Дневник сорной травы серия Сады КассандрыTen years after the long honeymoon trip, Yuri and Anna returned to Saint Petersburg. Strange but true – Anna has not changed for all those years. She remained young and graceful. But it was not the only thing which amazed her husband.
He was receiving anonymous reports of his wife’s bad behavior. She got interested in stock exchange speculations – this was also a kind of unpleasant surprise for him. But most frightful thing was the figurine of Hecate which always stayed with Anna.
Also, the private detective Artem Ponomarev found himself the owner of serial killer’s diary. This was the very serial killer which had terrified the city ten years ago.
The eternal youth of Anna, maniac’s confession, Yuri Salakhov’s family curse were different sides of the mystery which originated from the ancient times and the worship of Hecate. The person who could solve this riddle would become the master of his own fate.

Publisher’s info:
Natalya Solntseva’s novels are entertaining and pleasant reading. The author’s fantasy enriches the detective plot making it interesting for demanding readers. The writer helps the readers to travel to other countries and ages together with the characters, to plunge into the wonderful world of mysteries, intrigues and passions and to unravel the tangles of the enigmatic crimes.

Natalya Solntseva’s books blend the incompatible things together: historical facts and wild fantasy, action and deep psychological insight. The main thing is that they are never boring!

The most important things in this novel are the love story and the wonderful fragrance of good old times.

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