Still Life With a Silver Vase

детективы книги Натальи Солнцевой Натюрморт с серебряной вазойThe rebellious spirit of the romantic and treasure hunter may be concealed in any person. To find the treasure is quite a popular dream. But when you have a yacht, a map and enough money to employ divers to find treasures, it seems the God encourages your venture. Or rather the devil…
Perhaps the devil himself gave the idea to seek treasures in the sea to the successful businessman Maxim Ordyntsev. And even the find of an ancient vase which contained a tablet with death warning did not stop him. While death already got very close to him sitting comfortably on board of his yacht.
Gloria Golitsina who went to the sea with her friend Roman Lavrov smelt the death immediately when she noticed the yacht. She understood perfectly well that it was not worth trying to find the bottom in the bottomless chest, treasures on the sea-bed or happiness in the arms of a genie.

But how can she persuade people to stop running after illusion?

Nothing is better than summer, sun and sea. But what attracts people even more is the mystery. When Gloria Golitsina and her faithful friend and bodyguard Roman Lavrov go to the sea vacation, they do not plan any investigations. But the mystery finds them anyway; they have nothing to do but to deal with it. When Gloria and Roman go around, she notices the strange aura of death around the yacht of the wealthy businessman Maxim Ordyntsev who came to the sea in order to dive and to find hidden treasures. The sea-bed near Taman does not contain much, but all of a sudden the divers he employed bring the silver vase with two playing nymphes.
The silver vase makes the man happy, but it also makes him dead. The vase works like a curse spoiling the life of each person who claimed it his or her own. It is better to stay away, but Gloria is too interested in why it happens and how it can be stopped. Her search leads her to a man which is not a human but a genie. He enchants women and sells death. One of the objects he sold to the dead businessman’s mistress was a silver vase.
No matter how simple the clue could be, the book leaves much to think about. We do not really know if objects may have some power over people. Was it the genie’s magic or their own intentions? You should read the book to find it out!


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