Soft Steps in the Ocean

детективы книги Натальи Солнцевой Легкие шаги в Океане серия ЗолотоAn everyday world of Lena Slutskaya and Pavel Shirokov drifts back in Time… The faraway ghosts of the long lost Atlantis become more and more real…
Lena’s former fiancé is trying to kill her. Pavel seeks help of the hermit who calls him “the Key” and refuses to explain anything. Is that pleasant to feel like a “Key” to some vague mysteries? There is no choice – the decision was made long ago, and there is no use fighting the fate…
Everything is explained by the Messenger who comes to Pavel as his long dead friend and reminds him of his native land long absorbed and destroyed by the ocean.

This is a part of “Gold” series which includes four novels:
— Book 1 – In the temple of Sun the trees are made of gold
— Book 2 – In the mountains closer to the sky
— Book 3 – The steps of Gods
— Book 4 – Easy steps in the Ocean.

The title itself intrigues the reader, and also it is an end of the saga (“Gold” series) where all clues should be found, all keys discovered, and all doors opened… Nevertheless the story rolls smoothly with the reminiscences of life in ancient Atlantis and the misfortunes of modern life. But the fate is inevitable – the characters get back their memories, the Keeper of the Labyrinth finds them, and the efforts of evil forces are yet vain though they destroyed much. The story abruptly breaks… perhaps, to begin the next story on some new level!
This mystical novel is a decent conclusion of the “Gold” story. It has more of the philosophical bend than the detective one, but that does not spoil the story. The long destroyed and possibly non-existing Atlantis is still a magnet for adventurers, and any version of how it was ruled and why it perished is welcome!


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