The Star of Babylon

детективы книги Натальи Солнцевой Звезда ВавилонаIshtar’s Star, the artifact of this novel, is a fine piece of jewelry made of gold and decorated with lazurite, once stolen from Babylon’s ruins. It can fulfill the wishes of its owner, but may destroy the owner if he or she causes the anger of the goddess Ishrar.
The modern plot is developing around the Rakitin family. Nelly Rakitina is worried that her father, Professor Rakitin – was married for the third time to a very young woman (younger than his own children). She contacted Astra Eltsova who performed private investigations and shared her worries with Astra. Her worries were actually well grounded. Within several days Nelly was found dead…
Professor Rakitin’s scientific field was the history of ancient Babylon, and Astra realized that the circumstances of his daughter’s death are similar to Sumerian myth about descend of the goddess Ishtar into the Underworld. Astra found out that Nelly possessed “Ishtar’s Star” – the piece of the golden jewelry stolen from Babylon’s ruins. The Star disappeared after Nelly’s murder. But who has invented and committed such a sophisticated crime? The answer lies on the pages of “The Star of Babylon”.

The glittering lazurite devoted to Babylonian goddess Ishtar has caused passions, crimes and madness in the family of Rakitins. The first wife of Professor Rakitin was killed while traveling by sea; the second died of blood poisoning; the third is now afraid of the family mysteries, and his daughter suspects some criminal plot against herself. Noone thought it was because of the stone the first Professor’s wife owned. Being a sacred object to people of ancient Babylon, it brought luck and helped to fulfill three wishes. After that the person had to return it to the goddess. But modern people do not believe in ancient gods! As usual, Astra Eltsova and Matvey Karelin help to trace this connection unbelievable to the rest of people. Unfortunately, Nelly Rakitina asked them for help too late…
In my opinion, this novel is a good combination of modern crimes and mysterious rituals of ancient times. It makes us admit that sins and virtues of people are the same since the very old times, and old gods can return… if we do not want to leave them in peace. Fine, fascinating and interesting reading!

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