The Spanish Chess

детективы книги Натальи Солнцевой Испанские шахматыA modest girl with unusual name Dream takes care after her neighbor absolutely selflessly and couldn`t even imagine that she will be charged with murder of the old lady! Is it possible that chess she got as inheritance are just the point?
Four figurines were missed and Varvara Ignatievna was going to tell the girl, what had happened, but failed…

Antique dealer shares with Dream the “chess story”. They were made in XVI century by order of a noble seignoir and a Gypsy indued figurines with vital force. To make a wish come true the one has to play it on a chessboard first. But someone must die…
In a few days after neighbor’s death, the missing white king is flung up to Dream. Can it be true that someone uses an old-time legend in order to gain one’s point?


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