Siegfried`s Dagger

детективы книги Натальи Солнцевой Кинжал ЗигфридаWeapons of ancient heroes do not exist only in myths and legends, they may be as real as the world around us…
The book begins with the following events: Leda Kupriyanova turns for help to amateur private detective, Astra Eltsova. Help is really required – her fianc? Vlad went on business trip, but did not return.
Astra decides to find out about Leda`s family secrets and discovers that her father was involved in hunting for Siegfried’s dagger supposedly belonging in the past to the legendary Scandinavian warrior…

Vlad went hunting in remote woodland of Novgorod region and disappeared there. Famous professor Lianozov related to the Kupriyanovs family had died at the same place ten years ago. He was also obsessed by the search of Siegfried`s dagger.
Can it be true that mythical hero’s dagger really exists and Vlad has just fallen for treasure seeking?

Meeting with Natalya Solntseva`s new book makes the reader plunge into the different world which has its own look and smell. The difference between the two worlds – our reality and what we see in her books – lies not on the exterior, but on the interior side. The author gets to the bottom of feelings, secrets and passions of various people, shows us characters which are on the verge of crime, and hardly anything can stop them.

The story of Siegfried`s dagger and the search for it began in ancient times when the heroes of old German legends were living and breathing. Later it continued as a tragicomedy of human passions when people struggled to get power, love, freedom and money, and nothing (even murder) stopped them on their ways. The dagger had been sleeping for a long time and woke up in modern Russia. People, though diminished nowadays in comparison with ancient heroes, are obsessed with the same passions. They are obsessed with greed, envy and jealousy. Hate of her sister adopted by the Kuprianovs` family made Leda develop a murderous plan involving her fianc? Vlad. However, Vlad was disarmed by Taisia`s pure soul and refused to do any evil to her. He fell in love with the girl devoid of greed and passions, any feelings except Love.

Astra, an amateur private detective, and her friend Matvey agreed to help Leda find her fianc? but as the real story started to unroll before them, they did not find it possible to do anything evil either. As Leda did not tell them the truth, the investigation was very difficult. Only Astra`s intuition and her “magic” tools – mandrake`s root and the Venetian mirror – assisted them in their search.

This book fascinates the reader with the mystery of the weapon and its connection with the fate of the main characters. And it ends with a happy-end which makes the story of human passions more optimistic. It`s a real good book!


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