She Reads at Night

детективы книги Натальи Солнцевой Она читала на ночьIn the center of Kiev the person by the name of Andron, the helper of the owner of night club and casino of the Shah is killed. Afterwards his friend Ryba dies in road accident. Approximately at the same time the unrecognized genius Illarion Gusarov inspired by an unusual dream writes the novel “Lilac Aroma of Night” about life in other galaxies. How these events are connected among themselves? Strangely enough, the red-haired artist Ksenia around whom strange and unclear incidents twist appears “fault” to all. All who are anyway connected with it appear under blow. And even Gusarov’s inspiration is not casual. He also does not guess that it is “used” as means to inform it of a love story.

Every time opening the book, she makes a trip to other worlds, vaguely feeling the communication with them.

It is absolutely amazing book. It for those who want to understand, realize or at least on an iota to approach a question — why, and, above all — WHY he / she here, on this planet. In general the extraordinary author able to disclose the most intimate nuances of feelings, to show the extraordinary background of events and to draw as a result a conclusion — often paradoxical is even more often than Solntsevo bewitching and unpredictable. I will tell more simply — for all who are interested in intimate knowledge, but not just wants to leave “terrestrial penal servitude of the ordinary” — Solntsevo the most rare gift, and her talent — a unique opportunity and to the reader to understand something through works of the writer. In a word, read all books by Natalya Solntseva!


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