Selfie with a Roman Fountain

детективы книги Натальи Солнцевой Селфи с римским фонтаномTreasures from Scythian graves gained a new life changing hands and traveling from one country to another. But their way was marked by blood…
Marina Evlanova deeply worried by her son Dmitry’s behavior contacted Astra Eltsova for assistance as Astra was dealing with private investigations and could give a clear view of her son’s life. All of a sudden Dmitry divorced his wife Zlata, abandoned his position in the bank, moved to a rented apartment and decided to write a novel.

Zlata was eager to reunite with her husband, but told strange stories about him. According to her words, he became obsessed with the strange woman in black who made him participate in some sinister rituals at the cemetery… Astra wanted to speak with Zlata, but when visiting her, she found her dead – the woman was strangled. The photo from Italian travels lay in her bosom – in it, Dmitry and she were tossing coins into the fountain in Rome. The fountain was in the form of bowl. This gave an idea to Astra that everything that happened recently was connected to the gold bowl long kept in the Evlanov family. The bowl came from Scythian burial mound and had a picture of many-handed goddess on it.

No, I’m not Byron; I am, yet,
Another choice for the sacred dole,
Like him – a persecuted soul,
But only of the Russian set.
I early start and end the whole,
And will not win the future days;
Like in an ocean, in my soul,
A cargo of lost hopes stays.
Who, oh, my ocean severe,
Could read all secrets in your scroll?
Who’ll tell the people my idea?
I will or God or none at all!
(M Lermontov)

Scythians had their own mysteries as other ancient folks. They had their dark rituals, too. Their objects of art and magic can penetrate our everyday life and set everything to confusion as it happened in Natalya Solntseva’s novel.
In this novel, we meet Astra and Matvey again. Mrs. Evlanova, wife of prosperous banker, asked them for help. She was worried by her son’s behaviour. Her son Dmitry abandoned his house, wife and business for the sake of some unknown actress whom he met at the cemetery. Before meeting Dmitry’s friend, Astra guessed it could be an ordinary affair, just the middle-age crisis. But when Dmitry’s friend gave the clue whom Dmitry could worship, Astra realized at once the case was very unusual. Dmitry’s diary destroyed the last doubts. The Evlanov family were keepers of the ancient object – Scythian bowl. Not being a live object, it nevertheless influenced the life of Dmitry and people who surrounded him – his wife and his passion Vera who bore the same family name as the star of the silent movies Dmitry used to worship. It is very interesting to follow the fancy of the author and watch the characters’ passions and fears.
Surely it’s not the end of all mysteries Natalya Solntseva has in stock for us!


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