Raven`s Labyrinth

детективы книги Натальи Солнцевой Лабиринт ВоронаCombining the power of Red Lion and the Eye of Unicorn, the owner of druids’ elixir will rule the world and become immortal.
Three centuries ago Swarthy, a secret agent of the British Empire, was sent to Russia to destroy Russian regal family and diminish the power of Russia. But her main task was to get back the lost sacred object of druids – Red Lion. With its help it was possible to gain great power and become immortal. Swarthy died before she managed to fulfill her task….

Current time – Alevtina Dolgushina came to the private detective Astra Eltsova with the request to find a person called Donna Luna. As Alevtina said, Donna Luna appeared at the corporate holiday in the sinister mask made of mirror fragments, and after that the director of the company died. Astra is shocked – legendary Swarthy wore a very similar mask…

The secret treasure which alchemists fought to obtain appears on the pages of this novel. This is a final story about Astra and Matvey in which they have to face their past where he was the Russian Count with Scottish roots and she happened to be his wife.
The investigation described in the story is unusual because this is not a real investigation, but a trap set for Astra and Matvey. Astra is hired by the bookkeeper terrified of the mysterious “Donna Luna” at the corporate holiday. Matvey does not have the spirit to refuse his former lover Larisa and agrees to find out who is the new passion of Larisa’s hisband, a wealthy businessman. But both investigations became one when people began to die, and Larisa gets a hold of a bunch of old letters. These letters were written by the adventuress Swarthy, an English spy in Russia before reign of Peter I. Swarthy sought the artifact which gave its owner power over everything.

The history tends to repeat itself – and modern Swarthy died again, not being able to fulfill all her plans. Astra and Matvey find the artefact led by memories of their past lives. But they are wise enough to get rid of it on Samhain when the borders between the dead and the living are rather thin. Their pursuer leaves this world together with the artifact, and our characters find themselves in modern Moscow. They are free to live and develop their relationship. But the riddle of the mirror and the video cassette presented in the first books of the series is now solved.


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