The Pharaoh’s Seal

детективы книги Натальи Солнцевой Печать фараонаDetective Vseslav Smirnov faces a strange thing.
The bank manager, Stas Kiselev and two girl-friends of him visit a closed club, where worship rituals of Moloch, bloodthirsty Phoenicians god, are held. The chief sacrificer doesn`t like new-come guests behaviour and he announces that they have to satisfy Moloch`s thirst. Stas and girls flee in horror, but one of the girls disappears soon!

Launching investigation, Vseslav pitches upon a mention of old-time treasure that was hidden by Polish-Lithuanian invaders somewhere on the Volga river banks in XVII century. The seal of Thutmose III is the most precious value, the legendary relic of Livonian Order. Vseslav understands that the only way to find the missing girl is to find out what has happened to the seal…

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