A Passenger from the Titanic

детективы книги Натальи Солнцевой Пассажирка с "Титаника"People are either after an elixir of eternal life, or a perfect weapon for immediate death, either for Love or Money (or both).
The girl from the remote village could not suppose she would become such a weapon. The man who found her made her remember her past, plunge into the horrible recollections and kill for the sake of love.
Her world is divided into the Past and the Future, but she is trying hard to be happy and save her love in the Present.
The mystery of the Titanic sinking is attracting the minds of explorers of the unknown. There is a version about the “chrono-hole” caused by the UFO which led to the discovery of people from the Titanic many years after the ship sank.

The version is widely distributed by the “yellow” journals, but as they say, “the truth is out there”…

The new novel by Natalya Solntseva is devoted to the phenomenon of sudden death. Like the Titanic sank suddenly, people die in modern times. They die in public places, without known reasons or signs of violence. Roman Lavrov, Gloria’s former employee, friend and admirer, happens to witness such death and gets involved in the investigation. Gloria warns him in vain that the investigation is very dangerous. He is interested who killed those people. Gloria is having weird dreams about the Tarot’s Grand Arcana. One of them is called “Tower”. It shows two people falling from the high tower destroyed by the lightning bolt. In the end of the book, we will see the similar picture. Just read it to know who fell from the tower!
Renata, Moscow

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