One more time about love

Markovtsev Tatyana art Solntseva Natalya book fictionLove is the most mystical among all the feelings that a person can feel. Her magnetism cannot be analyzed, it is unexplainable and nevertheless everyone knows it. This secret is very big – said the wisest people about love. There is no one who could resist it, who failed to win this difficult battle, who didn’t become its sacred victim.
It is no matter if you are a man or a woman, still you are unarmed before love, – and deep in your soul you miss her sweet hugs. You are its hostage! It can do you a favor… and it can take your last hope. It is the salt and sense of this world, the world that is so different and contradictory. Love is the magic nectar and the dangerous poison, with them both is filled the cup of life. Drink from it, the beloved children of the Universe!!
Drink and have pleasure… without regret and hesitation. It will show you the way out of any labyrinth. Love will present to you the Eternity which you pray for. Love is everything and at the same time it is unbelievably far away – it depends on your thoughts about it.
Don`t mix love and the sexual call though it is usual for love as well as for the wish to exist. It will give you immortality because it continues itself by itself. Love is endless, it has no barriers on its way, it doesn’t know the limits for possible things. When you love – you are like Gods.
The meeting of a woman and man and the start of their love is never accidental.
The secrets of the past, alas the forgotten meetings… the eternity secrets….
If one looks in his own inner world without fear then he will cognize the continuation of existence. And he will be very surprised.
Love inspires everything – stars and the smallest grass… and love inspires the Master. Everything that is created or written – music, statue, picture, a poem or a book – it is all created with love and by love.

With love to my readers,
Natalya Solntseva.

*art by Tatyana Markovtsev

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