New Decameron

книги Натальи Солнцевой эротические новеллы Новый Декамерон

"New Decameron" is a collection from ten erotic short stories.
Among heroes of short stories is familiar to us — Elena Troyanskaya, Adam and Eve, Anzhelina, but not Jolie, and new — the count-lady's man Saltykov, the geisha Mizuki, Tim Elzen — the mystic and the psychic and also others. All of them are participants of fascinating amorous adventures. In each short story the deep, hidden essence of the most ancient instinct of the person reveals. It is such different, and at the same time equally attracting all … To many-sided Eros it is not important, outside the window the Middle Ages or our time. He has a good time! Also awakens the hidden sensuality, novel feelings and pleasures in people. 
Erotic short stories "New Decameron" are written based on the well-known work "Decameron" by Boccaccio — the first of the European writers who openly showed the sensual party of love. Valorous knights and great ladies not only sang serenades and secretly sighed the friend for the friend, but did not avoid carnal passion. Before voice of "basic instinct" all are equal, – kings, beggars, soldiers and poets …

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