Murder. Version Five

детективы книги Натальи Солнцевой Убийство в пятом варианте“If only people understood the reasons for their love and hate… That would prevent so many mistakes and save so many lives…”

The owner of a glossy magazine strives to find a woman called Jane who sent them a weird manuscript. He asks Larisa and Renat for help. Then the case which seemed easy, takes an absurd turn. The investigation discovers that the events connected to the fate of a ship lost in ice in the XVIIIth century! How could the “Flying Dutchman” bring death to the cottage of the businessman from Moscow?
Larisa and Renat help people to remember their past incarnations.

They believe that life is not a circle, it is more of a winding spiral which can kick you off to another dimension.

Read the detective story with pleasure, especially when rainy day does not let to the street. The subject line connects modern time with events of the 1770th years. In a genre the detective, the mystic, adventures intertwine and of course there is a love line. An excellent author’s syllable, secrets the coming from the past, unexpected turns keep in suspense prior to the final.

Marina Tarasova


With pleasure read the new book by Natalya Solntseva. An interesting plot, new characters who appeared on pages of books of Natalya Solntseva not so long ago easy language of writing – all this gave great pleasure from reading.


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