Mines of Queen of Sheba

детективы книги Натальи Солнцевой - Копи царицы СавскойThey were friends in the past, but the love to young Gloria made them rivals. Gloria chose Pavel. But he died, and his death left Gloria broken. Despair drove Gloria to the marriage with Pavel’s friend. Years passed, and suddenly Gloria received the letter from the dead man in which he asked her to meet.

Gloria was scared, but the curiosity was overwhelming so she went to the meeting and got into the cunning trap set for her.
Who are her kidnappers? What was the mission of the mysterious dwarf? Which secret did he want to reveal to her before his death? How life of the common girl is connected to the mysterious find and the murder in African savannah which happened two centuries ago?
To understand all that, you will need to think and undertake a thorough investigation. The search for mines of Queen of Sheba is still going on. You just need to open a book.

This book opens up a new series “Gloria and others”. The main character is Gloria Zebrovich (Golitsyna), a rich married woman who lived the careless life until she was kidnapped by the unknown people. The trap was set for her in form of letter from the person long dead. However her “prison” soon changed from the deserted house to the comfortable cottage where the dwarf lived. It was not the dwarf from fairy-tales, but a real person who lacked in physical appearance, but was gifted with magical power. He gave over his power to Gloria at the moment of his death. When Gloria reached the city, she found out her husband was dead and she was a widow. Trying to understand the strange events of the recent past, Gloria came across the mention of artifact – gold “coin” with the face of Queen of Sheba and the mysterious text on the other side (it is Queen of Sheba mentioned in the Bible who became an inspiration for people trying to find the secret of turning the matter into gold).
This book opens up the new series and intrigues the reader asking many questions – why did Gloria receive the magical power? How will it manifest? What is the text on the “coin”? Did the Queen of Sheba really inspire those people who killed others just to prevent them from seeing the “coin”? I think all answers will be in the next books. This one ends with the “worldly” secrets unraveled, and Gloria free for the exciting new life.


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