Mandrake Wine

детективы книги Натальи Солнцевой - сборник рассказов Вино из мандрагорыYou are looking at the collection of mystery stories written by Natalya Solntseva, a famous detective writer. Special attention it her detectives is given to artifacts.
Each story has an appeal of its own, its small mystery and its own artifact: emeralds of Princess Yusupova, gold of the Scythians, the ancient medallion, necklace made by the famous French jeweler… The fine style and unique plots are sure to bring a lot of pleasure both to Natalya Solntseva’s fans and to those who meets with the stories of this author for the first time.
The book’s name comes from the story about the mysterious Viking’s amulet. If you receive this amulet as a gift, do not be surprised if something possesses your soul and makes you obey its will…
In modern time, the young Moscow businessman had a strange feeling that he would soon meet his “femme fatale”. And this really happened. He met the red-haired beauty with the strange name Linda. They had a passionate love affair full of mysteries – the lovers agreed not to ask any details about their everyday life so they knew nothing of each other. In spite of his love for Linda, who called him her Viking, the young man had to marry Nika, the daughter of his former business partner. That was a mercenary marriage. Viking’s amulet was the farewell gift from Linda who did not intend to share him with another woman. Later, when he spent Christmas Eve with the hateful wife, he awoke from sleep and found Nika dead, with the knife piercing her chest. She held the Viking’s amulet in her hand…

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