The Last Meal of the Harlot

детективы книги Натальи Солнцевой Последняя трапеза блудницыWhite lilies… A certain person called Sphinx, handles killing puzzles to a probable victim in a basket with white lily flowers. Vlas Nikonov, a famous violinist doesn`t give a rush to a silly letter and forfeit his life.
The assassination investigator Astra Eltsova makes investigation and her intuition suggests that it is the puzzle which brings undermeaning. An under sentence of death person is given a chance to win a battle with unknown Sphinx by cracking a mystery.
Meanwhile the next victim has already got the grim massage…

According to the legend there is only one way to do away with the Sphinx. To finish with him means to solve his riddles. And Astra understands that so and in no other way one is able to find out who and why is hidden behind the mask of a mysterious monster…

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