Kamasutra from Shiva

детективы книги Натальи Солнцевой Камасутра от ШивыShiva is an Indian god which is attractive for many men as he is a symbol of masculinity. Legends say that Shiva possessed a lot of ways and advantages which almost each man wants to have. The faraway country, India, adds the air of mystery to this god…
She sought to appease her melancholy and to stop suffering.
He was after unity and heaven’s ecstasy.

The ancient eastern wisdom says – be careful in your desires. The fate of each person is predefined by the heaven. Each person who stepped the path of exploring the unknown is followed by the dark cloud of death. But who brings death – him or her?
And will Gloria, a charming clairvoyant, be able to solve their mystery and keep her own untouched?

The latest book about Gloria may be the last, after all! In this mystery detective, Gloria finishes the investigation started in the first book of the series “Mines of the Queen of Sheba”. The mysterious house mentioned in the “Mines” is vibrant with magic again. Its new owner, a homeopathist Egor Shestakov, a fan of the ancient India’s culture, is obsessed with the desire to invoke the Queen of Sheba and to create a new person (homunculus or golem). But it is not possible for the man to become a god. He is not Shiva or Hor, but chooses not to admit that. Meanwhile, women Egor slept with are dying under the suspicious circumstances.
Gloria and Roman try to prevent the deaths, but it is not possible until the mystery is solved and the circle is locked. When all the participants of the drama gather in Gloria’s house, the story is over. The love triangle of Gloria, Agafon and Roman Lavrov is resolved too. And the new circle begins – on the spiritual level. The brilliant completion of the old tragedies and the final resolving of the old mysteries awaits you in the new book “Kamasutra from Shiva”!


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