The Jaguar’s Leap

детективы книги Натальи Солнцевой Прыжок ягуараRoman Lavrov, the detective, got used to everything since he started to work with Gloria, the mystic. But as it turned out, the world still held a lot of weird things in store for him. And better to beg your guardian angel to avoid them altogether!
One day a man came to Roman Lavrov asking for help. He was chased by the shadow of a huge wild beast. It was very real, and the man felt the jaws of the beast closing on his neck.

When the guest left, the detective felt as if he had been speaking with the Death. This feeling was not deceiving him and he would have better followed its advice to stay away from the case. But the premonition was wasted on him, so his life was in great danger…

What can be more commonplace than the love triangle – a rich middle-aged businessman, his aging wife and a pretty girl fresh as a red cherry? The new book “The Jaguar’s Leap” is full of such triangles – the Karetnikov family, Gloria and her men, Roman Lavrov and his women…
The new book “The Jaguar’s Leap” from the series “Gloria and others” shows the situations when love triangles can be not just unpleasant, but deadly. An exotic young girl is watched by the ancient forces. They cannot prevent her death, but are able to revenge every person involved into her fate. Ancient gods, ghostly beasts, magic protection, sex and mysteries await you in the new novel. Beware of the Jaguar!

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