In the Temple of Sun the Trees are Made of Gold

детективы книги Натальи Солнцевой В Храме Солнца деревья золотые серия ЗолотоThe shooting team of the film studio “Debut” goes to the Pamir Mountains. The film is to be shot at the Yazgulemski Ridge where the tunnel is being built. Nobody knows all the details, everything is vague. Meanwhile strange things are happening both in the mountains and in the tunnel.
They involve many people: the studio’s staff, the construction workers, the former owner of the detective agency “Bars” (“Snow leopard” in Russian) Marat Kalitin, and the community seeking enlightment in the mountains. The origins of mysterious events are found in South America, the ancient Inkan empire who worshipped the Sun and made a god of Gold.

“According to the detective genre’s rules, in the end the criminal should be found and punished, but I prefer to highlight “the light at the end of the tunnel”. The good should overcome the evil! The world cannot go on any other way”. Natalya Solntseva.

This is a part of “Gold” series which includes four novels:
– Book 1 – In the temple of Sun the trees are made of gold
– Book 2 – In the mountains closer to the sky
– Book 3 – The steps of Gods
– Book 4 – Easy steps in the Ocean.

This is the first novel in the “Gold” series. It invites us to plunge deep into the human soul which seeks enlightment or strives after worldly pleasures, into the memories of the person who tried to solve the mystery of the Incan empire, and into the life of modern Russia where people work, love, argue, make money, go mad and lead their everyday life.
As other Solntseva’s books, it is multi-level story each level of which provides its part of the puzzle. It tempts us to find out the mystery of Gold itself – what it meant to the ancient Inca, to the medieval alchemists, and what it means to the modern down-to-earth person.
And it holds enough riddles and clues in store to continue reading! Three more books are planned!


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