Golden Comb for Mermaid

детективы книги Натальи Солнцевой Золотой гребень для русалкиThe pagan relic of wizards, the golden idol of Ognebog (God of Fire) is awaiting sacrifice even now. And sacrifice will be offered…
Ilya Boretsky, a prosperous owner of a country house, invited “Rusalki” (Mermaids) group for the costume party to celebrate the New Year. As he honoured Slavic traditions, he longed to perform the ceremony called winter rusalii (parting with the mermaid). This pagan ceremony should bring favour of the fire guardian, Ognebog.
He invited many guests to the celebration, among them Egor Vishnyakov which had an incomprehensible passion for the lead singer of the group ‘Rusalki” Leya.

They met in a nightclub, but the girl ran away from him, and Vishnyakov was haunted by nightmares since… The guests did not know what some of them would not survive that night… And the reason for that is the magic relic of the wizards – the golden idol of Ognebog…

“A wizard cannot be afraid of a lord.
I don’t have a need of your present;
My word is as free and as sharp as your sword,
My speech is sometimes unpleasant.”
(Alexander S. Pushkin, translated by A. Artemov)

The culture of ancient Russia and its religion interests many people. This book is not an exception, but in addition to the pages from the history, it gives us an outline of human passions of modern people.
The book depicts rich people (Ilya Boretsky, Egor Vishnyakov) which have everything except adventures. It makes them either be interested in the Slavic past and pagan rites, or become obsessed with the girls who can dance pagan dances (“Rusalki” group). Human passions are not so dangerous but when the ancient artefact is at hand they can become deadly. The artefact was found and hidden in the well near Ilya’s country house. It influenced all people which came near him. And when on the New Year’s Eve, Ilya invited guests to his country house to have a celebration in the Slavic style (winter rusalii) the events take a shocking turn. The girl is murdered in the manner which can suggest sacrifice to ancient gods. Why did it happen? The reason lies in the past lives of people which participate in the celebration.

The book will be interesting both to mystery lovers and to people who are interested in Slavic culture and the pagan past of Russia. It lets the reader enjoy the detective part and analyze feelings, thoughts and passions of the characters. It contains interesting ideas of the Good and the Evil and has an unexpected end. You will not regret reading this book!


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