Gioconda e Pagliaccio

детективы книги Натальи Солнцевой Джоконда и ПаяцThe Time like a disappointed maker is inexorably destroying the female beauty. Women on the opposite are always trying to protect it. If there is even a small chance to hold back the Time and save their beauty forever, a woman will agree to everything, even to the physical death.
Is that nothing but superstition that most models of famous painters died young after giving their life force to their image on the canvas?
Alina, a beautiful woman, does not believe in such tales. She is sure she will make a perfect Gioconda; her beauty will leave behind the one of her former friend and rival and make her husband adore her even more. The artist is talented, and she is very pretty, nothing can interfere with her plans. However, her friend Rafik who is long in love with her is jealous and warns her that to sit for this artist is dangerous.

Alina would not listen to him if not for the sudden death of the painter’s previous model…

The new novel from the series “Gloria and others” is about Art. Creating pictures is a very mysterious process as some of the model’s life force remains on the canvas. The rumors are that the painter Artynov which is in fashion now signed an agreement with the Devil and sold his soul in exchange for the talent. True or not, but one of his models painted by him as Venus, died under weird circumstances. His colleague Rafik is afraid of the possible evil as the woman he loves, Alina Koltsova, is going to be the next model to Artynov. He asks his former classmate Roman Lavrov to check Artynov and to protect Alina.
Roman Lavrov does not ask Gloria to help because he is disappointed in her indifference, and he is sure the matter is not mystical or criminal, the death of the beautiful girl is just a coincidence… But the fate leads Alina’s cousin to Gloria’s house, and Gloria finds out that Alina is in a real danger. The artist is possessed by il Pagliaccio who gave him a magical potion to paint excellent pictures. This could be the painter’s sick imagination if not the deaths around him…
In Natalya’s Solntseva’s new book, the riddle is solved in the end, but before that, it took the lives of several people. However, the relationship of Gloria and Roman became even more complicated; it will be interesting to find out if they will be together, after all. Just read “Gioconda e Pagliaccio” to see how their relationship develops, and to enjoy the new mystery!

Renata, Moscow

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