French Angel in Your Pocket

детективы книги Натальи Солнцевой Французский ангел в карманеAn ancient Carthaginian coin with the figure of two-faced Janus takes people’s lives to make its owner’s desires come true.
This ancient Carthaginian coin with two-faced Janus description accidentally comes to hand of businessman Kirill Dubrovin. Legend has it that the coin has the power to bring good luck and make any desire of its owner come true.
Kirill isn’t a superstitious one and of course he doesn’t believe it…
But his business develops successfully without delay. And then the coin just disappears…
A complete looser Claudia Yeremina loses her place and moreover she is suspected of a huge bill of exchange stealing. Desperate to get her act together, the woman blows her last money and orders White Spirits` talisman….an old male jacket. But her life quickly changes to the best…

Very soon she gets acquaintance with Kirill at a small caf? and two young people feel attraction at once. Is this appointment accidental or their destinies are weirdly joined by the ancient coin?

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