The Etruscan Mirror

детективы книги Натальи Солнцевой Этрусское зеркалоAnisim Chernow, the owner of the Firm Gallery, asks detective Vseslav Smirnov for help. Exhibition of unknown artist Savva Rogozhin is put under his care, but the best painting of exposition called “The nymph” has disappeared just on the eve of opening. The artist will be found dead soon…
Mysterious world of ancient Etruscan civilization, that Rogozhin dedicated his artistic work to, takes Vseslav with it, and investigation doesn`t move from its place.
Until the friend of Rogozhin tells that Savva has had an ancient bronze mirror, which possesses mystical power. Assisted by the friend and helpmate Eva the detective finds out that Etruscans left unique mirrors as heritage indeed. If Savva really owned the one it could kill him…

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