Duel with an Oracle

детективы книги Натальи Солнцевой Дуэль с Оракулом“Nobody suffers just for nothing. You want to be pure, eh? To feed the wolves and save the sheep? Unreal, old boy! Either you are a sheep or a wolf…”This is what the devil whispered in frater Onufri’s ear. Alas, Onufri’s daughter were to pay for his sins.
Per father’s request, Larissa Kurbatova is going to Ussuriisk to visit his former fellow soldier. She is unfortunately late, and finds him already dead. Long ago, Valery Kurbatov (now frater Onufri) and his friend Victor Sazonov witnessed the mysterious death of the army general in his cottage they worked. The killer (or rather, the unknown force) left the strange marks on the wall. When Larissa visits Sazonov’s house now, she finds very similar black marks on the wall. At the same time, an online game “Zolotaya Baba” appears on the net. In this game, the avatars or people from the past century’s expeditions are searching for baron Ungern’s treasures (now lost and hidden somewhere).

What made the virtual and the real worlds meet? And what was the role of the “Oracle of the Dead” in the events?

The 50th, jubilee novel by Natalya Solntseva, gives an answer to these questions.

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