Do not be Afraid of the Deep

детективы книги Натальи Солнцевой Не бойся глубины серия Сады КассандрыDedication of the book:
“I dedicate the books of the series “Kassandra’s Gardens” to my beloved one as a memory of moments full of passion and tenderness”.

Saint Petersburg is terrified by the maniac (serial killer). His victims are young and pretty women. Artem Ponomarev who serves in the crime detection police department, is in charge of the investigation. The fortune teller Dinara who predicted the death of one of the victims is under suspicion. In a mysterious way, murders are connected with Yuri Salakhov and the woman Yuri loves, Anna (their relationship seems very weird). Yuri is worried by the anonymous messages in which he is demanded to return the object which does not belong to him. If only he knew what the anonymous writer meant! Vague guesses and the fear of the “family curse” are not a good help to win over the unknown enemy.

The only thing which can support Yuri is Anna’s love. But will she give her love to him and help him to leave the labyrinth of fear?


Natalya Solntseva’s novels help to distract from the daily routine.

This book teaches how to make the unconventional decisions and fills you with courage.

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