Demon of Noon

детективы книги Натальи Солнцевой Полуденный демонA rich cottage in the suburb which seemed a fairy-tale castle to Marianna before wedding, turned out to be more like the Blue Beard’s castle. But the young woman’s husband died…
She inherited everything; after the two years of depressing marriage freedom awaited her. But Marianna is hesitant to change anything; she feels this is just the beginning of a real nightmare. She is a main suspect in her husband’s murder. And the demon of noon, the main fear of her unfortunate husband, is looming behind. What or who is the demon? Is that a supernatural creature or a real person seeking revenge?

Trying to save her life and reason, Marianna comes across clues which help to resolve the mystery. They are related to the ancient legend of Lilith, a cunning temptress driving men mad by her fatal beauty.

The novel by Natalya Solntseva is devoted to the fate of a beautiful stone, a sapphire called “Black Moon”. Black Moon, or Lilith, according to carmic astrology, shows the sum of all negative deeds and thoughts accumulated by the person during his past lives. The time comes when all evil deeds should be “rewarded”. Some characters from this novel suffered from Lilith’s anger.
The task of Gloria, a “clairvoyant” whose help sought those who faced “supernatural” crimes, was to stop the revenge and to protect her client’s daughter. Slowly, by intuitive insights, she unraveled the complicated story of the family and the stone, and could find the truth. The demon of noon was exposed to the sun and literally burned in the fire.
A mystical, psychological novel about Man and Woman, Love, Greed and Revenge. Definitely worth reading!

Renata, Moscow

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