The Death’s Accomplice

детективы книги Натальи Солнцевой Подручный смертиThe past is after them, breathing its icy cold from behind. Why did these people gather? Probably because they are united by a terrifying secret, aren’t they? Who can really remember that since the roots lie in their past lives?

Larisa and Renat, the main characters of the “virtual” series, arrive to a small city called Gribovka, led by Renat’s illness and his vague memories of the past. Werid things are going there on the waste ground – the ghosts wander, the unknown beast gives out the horrible screams, and finally the three women are killed. Balancing on the threshold of real, mystic and virtual, the characters strive to unravel the past knots and to restore the quiet in the small city they are located in.

The book very much was pleasant. Read on one breath. It is a lot of intrigues which keep in suspense prior to the final. Reading, you plunge into the atmosphere of the events as if you pass all way together with heroes of the work. I recommend, you will not regret!
The mystical detective story by Natalya Solntseva “The helper of death” became and will be for me special. I feel its heat.) The terrific book, I took great pleasure, reading it! It is so exciting to empathize together with heroes. And medical subject very interesting! As always one of details described in the book appeared also in reality. It was the figurine of a crocodile in the medical center! I, of course, ооочень was surprised, having seen it. Miracles and only!
Yulia Didorenko

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