All Coincidences are Not Incidental

детективы книги Натальи Солнцевой Все совпадения неслучайны серия Игра с Цветами СмертиNina Kornilina received the invitation to the exhibition of her husband’s paintings which was to take place in Paris.
When rereading Artur Kornilin’s diaries, Nina began to suspect that Artur had some mental illness before his death, and it was progressing.
The scariest part was “the vision of the Rose”, the sketch of the future painting “Magic” with the black rose in the centre. Before she died too, Nina dreamed of the Black man who was haunting her husband. Nina’s death is not the last murder.

All crimes are strangely intertwined with the secret of medallion from Florence which was presented by the medieval jeweler and alchemist to his beloved woman.

Series “Playing with the colors of death”:
Book 1 “Await the pilgrim on the stormy day”
Book 2 “What dream of blood means”
Book 3 “Beware of Serpent Queen’s glance”
Book 4 “All coincidences are not accidental”.

“All Coincidences Are Not Incidental” finishes up the series of novels “Playing with the flowers of death”, a mystical project of Natalya Solntseva which has the features of detective, love story and neo-gothic styles.
This novel uncovers all mysteries and describes the opposite side – Knights of the Rose – evil forces which fought the main characters during their past lives and through all four books. Like Knights of Holy Grail, these persons devoted their lives to the specific purpose, but their purpose was to help their leader in occupying the throne of Osiris. They want to discover secrets of turning common metals into gold, take Buddha statuettes away from their owners and as all evil people they want to possess this world. They are guided by the woman who, in a body, was once an incomparable opera diva, Evlaliya Kadmina. Though Knights of the Rose take every effort to interfere with the characters’ plans, it is love that makes the final corrections.
I recommend to read that book to all those who was fascinated by the world of Natalya Solntseva. With the knowledge of esoteric concepts unknown to most writers this story has a deep moral and reminds us how our choices may change the world around us.
And of course, the story ends with a happy-end. Did you ever doubt it?


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