The Cheat with the Ace of Diamonds

детективы книги Натальи Солнцевой Шулер с бубновым тузомWe promise too often – perhaps because we rarely keep promises.
But the promise to the dying father is quite a different thing, even if you never were a perfect son while your father was alive.
But who could ever know that the promise to the father to take care of the stepsister would turn to a dangerous adventure for his only son Nikolai?
Nikolai’s life, devoid of any mystic events, changed in a twinkle of an eye. Characters of books read in youth – Cagliostro, Milady, and Marie Antoinette – rushed into his life requesting his assistance in getting back the diamonds stolen long ago.
Frightened and bewildered, Nikolai Krapivin seeks help of the clairvoyant Gloria. Gloria offers him and all the concerned persons play parts of people in the picture “The Cheat with the Ace of Diamonds” – dress as them, take the same poses and wait.

Sometimes waiting is the only and the most correct solution of all the problems…

The next book in the series about Gloria brings new adventures and puzzles. Many book-lovers know the story by Alexander Dumas about the queen’s necklace (based on the historical scandal of Marie Antoinette’s expenses). In this book, Dumas’ characters come alive returning as modern people, but with the memory of old deeds.
And here comes another artifact of the story – The Cheat with the Ace of Diamonds – copy of the picture by Georges de la Tour. The picture is about a whore, maid and card shark trying to strip a young wealthy boy of his possessions. Poses of all three cheats are rather provocative.
The modern story in some way reiterates the plot of the picture. The son of the wealthy businessman, Nikolai Krapivin, trying to fulfill his father’s deathbed wish, finds his stepsister Anna. This woman seems plain and poor, but appearances do deceive. The woman turns out so attractive and full of deadly secrets that Nikolai seeks “professional help” from Gloria. Gloria, warned by the ghost of another participant of the old story – Count Cagliostro, understands at once that the picture is the key to the mystery of diamonds. She is also able to clear up the family secrets immediately. With her help, events take the right course, and the characters find the answer to an enigma.
It is quite interesting to try finding a key to the mystery on your own (the author leaves enough clues) and then compare it with the conclusion of the story. Meanwhile, the adventures of Gloria continue, and the new book is already under way! Do not miss “The Cheat with the Ace of Diamonds” – it is definitely worth reading!


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