Beware of Serpent Queen’s Glance

детективы книги Натальи Солнцевой Опасайся взгляда Царицы Змей AmazonArtur Kornilin, the artist, came to visit his grandfather, the forester who lived in the woods near the much-rumored lake. He hoped to paint his masterpiece there, and he succeeded in this. His friend, businessman and art critic Sergey Gorsky, was stunned by his new paintings.
However, soon Kornilin died under very strange circumstances leaving his most mysterious painting, “Serpent Queen”, to his friend.
What caused the artist’s death: accident or murder? Gorsky starts his own investigation and gets involved into strange events. Is his meeting with Lida and Alena – two sisters from the woods who became rivals in their love to him – accidental? What will be the result of fatal love? Is the legend of the Serpent Queen related to the artist’s death? And if yes, how to break the enchanted circle?
Modern events and fatal passions get intertwined in the mysterious way with life of medieval Florence and the ancient Egypt.

Series “Playing with the colors of death”:
Book 1 “Await the pilgrim on the stormy day”
Book 2 “What dream of blood means”
Book 3 “Beware of Serpent Queen’s glance”
Book 4 “All coincidences are not accidental”.

Still waters run deep, this may be said about the events of the third book of the series “Playing with the flowers of death”.
Love of the innocent girl may be sweeter and stronger than of a selfish beauty. Sergey Gorsky is charmed by Lida, but her sister Alena uses magic to make him her husband. That does not benefit her in the end as she is killed by the person who wants to steal Sergey’s artifact. In this book, we meet real witches, and its structure corresponds the Major Arcana of Tarot (each chapter is a Major Arcanum). Here, the number of key characters increases as Sergey and Lida also possess Buddha statuettes. Moreover, in the past lives Sergey knew the secret of turning common metals into gold! This secret attracted evil people, but he managed to escape into the future with his beloved. The solution of all secrets is near, but we need to read the next book to have all clues!

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