The Bear Garden

The Bear Garden detective fiction by Natalia SolntsevaThe painting called «The Bear Garden» is decorating the wall in the fitness club. The owner of the fitness club finds it relevant as it depicts a sword play in the medieval London, besides it was created by his deceased friend.
However, the sword play is still happening in the reality. The underground tunnel nearby is now the crime scene. Corpses of young men with the stab wounds are found there, and it seems the men are stabbed by the sword from the painting.
The high school student whose friend visited the fitness club regularly, found the underground tunnel by chance when he did an Internet challenge «Test yourself». He failed the task by fainting underground as he experienced the time lapse and saw weird silhouettes there.

Larissa and Renat could not leave that mystery unresolved though they found the young man per his mother’s request. How was the painting, virtual reality and deaths of yound men connected? And how long ago did the story begin? You will find the answers in «The Bear Garden».