Reader’s review

This is not the first time I read the books by Natalya Solntseva, and I always wonder how much weird and mysterious the writer holds in store for the reader. When I read her books, I plunge into the different epochs, look at the word with the eyes of different people, feel their passions and fears. This time the novel used the legend of the “ghost train”. Many of us know of ghost ships, but the ghost trains are something new though they are known to people interested in the UFO and all kinds of mystic stories. They are trains from the past which are seen much later and on completely different routes. The people who try to enter such trains, usually disappear because nobody knows where and when the next stop will be, and what happens to the unfortunate human meanwhile! In addition to this, in the novel there is an ancient Greek artifact which causes all the “problems”. In the modern world, the mystery is studied by Larisa and Renat already known to the reader by the previous novel “Follow me”, the former members of Verner's mystic circle. This new mystery invites them into the Great Game where they are players (but not victims!), and they begin to develop a taste for it! This hints that the readers will see their new adventures!

The novel skillfully intertwines the mystical and the profane, the high and the low, the spiritual and the criminal, and while you read, you also learn the new facts about the mysteries of the world! Five stars as usual!

The Novel: 
The Devil's Train