Reader’s review

A new story of passion and illusion! A former sculptor who possibly had been a pharaoh ages before, in the ancient Egypt, invented a new game – a club for the spiritual seekers with a meaningful name “Follow me”. People came to fulfil their dreams not knowing it was just an experiment for their guru. An experiment where he tried to awaken the souls of two people…
A man and a woman in a city. The woman is sick and tired of daily routine, her thrifty and cold lover. The man does not want to be the rich women’s boy. They both want ideal love. “Follow me”, says the guru to them, and they get involved in the experiment finding their ideal partners in the virtual reality and then trying to materialize them. Is it the correct way to solve problems? Perhaps not. But it helps to understand what is yours, and what is not. Following the path of knowing themselves and creating their own reality, Larissa and Renat find themselves changed and… ready for the new adventures!

The Novel: 
Follow me