Playing with the Colors of Death

All Coincidences Are Not Incidental


Nina Kornilina received the invitation to the exhibition of her husband’s paintings which was to take place in Paris.
When rereading Artur Kornilin’s diaries, Nina began to suspect that Artur had some mental illness before his death, and it was progressing.

Beware of Serpent Queen’s Glance


Artur Kornilin, the artist, came to visit his grandfather, the forester who lived in the woods near the much-rumored lake. He hoped to paint his masterpiece there, and he succeeded in this. His friend, businessman and art critic Sergey Gorsky, was stunned by his new paintings.

What dream of blood means


A treasure hunter obsessed with the idea of gaining wealth is ready to do everything possible to pursue his aim. However the treasure – the gold earring with the red ruby and the sign of Osiris – is not only hard to get, it costs life to the new keeper. Evgeny Kovalevsky, the jeweler who owned the earring next was killed too.

Await the pilgrim on a stormy day


The beginning of the story!

The mysterious antique dealer is killed, and the main treasure of his collection – the smiling Buddha – is missing. The old key which opens no known door is found on the crime’s spot. This is just the beginning of the number of mysterious and terrible events as well as new murders.
Who is guilty of those crimes, and how are they connected to Buddha’s figurine?