Eva and Vseslav

The Spanish Chess


A modest girl with unusual name Dream takes care after her neighbor absolutely selflessly and couldn`t even imagine that she will be charged with murder of the old lady! Is it possible that chess she got as inheritance are just the point?

Four figurines were missed and Varvara Ignatievna was going to tell the girl, what had happened, but failed…

The Black Pearl of Emperor


Angelica Ermolaeva, who spent childhood in Taiga far way from civilized world, refers to the detective Vseslav Smirnov for help.

She finds herself in Moscow... because of the Chinese dragon! It looks like he is very close, breathes down neck and wants to kill her.

Vseslav doesn`t believe in Angelica`s tales and tries to satisfy a question: "Who stands to gain from his client horrification?"

The Pharaoh's Seal


Detective Vseslav Smirnov faces a strange thing.

The bank manager, Stas Kiselev and two girl-friends of him visit a closed club, where worship rituals of Moloch, bloodthirsty Phoenicians god, are held. The chief sacrificer doesn`t like new-come guests behaviour and he announces that they have to satisfy Moloch`s thirst. Stas and girls flee in horror, but one of the girls disappears soon!

The Moscow Labyrinth of Minotaur


Eduard asks his old friend Vseslav Smirnov for help in the search of his wife Nana. Soon, Eduard`s cosine Oleg dies. He was a digger and took up the position that mysterious labyrinth was situated just right under the Moscow-city.

Theodora thought up the plan of acquaintance with a young handsome, the son of Korneev, a man of property, while having a rest on Crete Island.

Ancient Goddess’s Poison


Businessman Rudnev applies detective Vseslav Smirnov for help in trifling matter at the first sight – somebody terrifies his mother over the phone. The dame dies soon… It clears up that several similar cases have taken place and they really are analogous to unknown toxin poisoning.

Vseslav visits small town of Berezin where Rudnev`s mother used to live.

The Shakespeare’s Charade


Something strange was going on with Eva after she visited the “Neoglobe” theatre that restored Shakespeare`s traditions. She got acquaintance with a young actor there, who presented himself as Christopher Marlo – a poet predecessor of Shakespeare.

Christopher confirms that somebody is going to kill him. He asks Eva to find a back alley and come there after his death. His spirit will point at the name of the killer.

The Third Birth of Phoenix


Beauty Maria Simanskaya has a plenty of admires, but no one can get her affection.

Perhaps the main reason is in the ancient family secret that Maria’s father has discovered. If Masha reveals the secret to somebody, fatality will happen… Once at the party the girl couldn’t help telling Sergey Vershinin (the most dedicated admire of her) about the secret.

The Etruscan Mirror


Anisim Chernow, the owner of the Firm Gallery, asks detective Vseslav Smirnov for help. Exhibition of unknown artist Savva Rogozhin is put under his care, but the best painting of exposition called "The nymph" has disappeared just on the eve of opening. The artist will be found dead soon...

Mysterious world of ancient Etruscan civilization, that Rogozhin dedicated his artistic work to, takes Vseslav with it, and investigation doesn`t move from its place.

The Treasure of Kitezh City


A silver amulet from Kitezh city protects its owner from any misfortune. But if a person does evil things to obtain this amulet, its force will bring harm to the owner...

This is a legend on which the book is based. According to another legend, Kitezh, the ancient Russian city, escaping from the troops of khan Batyi, disappeared under the water in front of the very eyes of all observers.

A Coin Of Desires


An ancient Carthaginian coin with the figure of two-faced Janus takes people's lives to make its owner's desires come true.

This ancient Carthaginian coin with two-faced Janus description accidentally comes to hand of businessman Kirill Dubrovin. Legend has it that the coin has the power to bring good luck and make any desire of its owner come true.

Kirill isn't a superstitious one and of course he doesn't believe it…