The Novels

Venetian Glass Magic


Astra believes that she is destined to shine out, her name in terms of Greek means "Star". What was her surprise to find out a thunderclap just before the wedding day - the fianc? cheat on her with the best girl friend Marina!

The Spanish Chess


A modest girl with unusual name Dream takes care after her neighbor absolutely selflessly and couldn`t even imagine that she will be charged with murder of the old lady! Is it possible that chess she got as inheritance are just the point?

Four figurines were missed and Varvara Ignatievna was going to tell the girl, what had happened, but failed…

The Black Pearl of Emperor


Angelica Ermolaeva, who spent childhood in Taiga far way from civilized world, refers to the detective Vseslav Smirnov for help.

She finds herself in Moscow... because of the Chinese dragon! It looks like he is very close, breathes down neck and wants to kill her.

Vseslav doesn`t believe in Angelica`s tales and tries to satisfy a question: "Who stands to gain from his client horrification?"

The Pharaoh's Seal


Detective Vseslav Smirnov faces a strange thing.

The bank manager, Stas Kiselev and two girl-friends of him visit a closed club, where worship rituals of Moloch, bloodthirsty Phoenicians god, are held. The chief sacrificer doesn`t like new-come guests behaviour and he announces that they have to satisfy Moloch`s thirst. Stas and girls flee in horror, but one of the girls disappears soon!