The Novels

Red Lion of the Druids


Combining the power of Red Lion and the Eye of Unicorn, the owner of druids’ elixir will rule the world and become immortal.

Three centuries ago Swarthy, a secret agent of the British Empire, was sent to Russia to destroy Russian regal family and diminish the power of Russia. But her main task was to get back the lost sacred object of druids – Red Lion. With its help it was possible to gain great power and become immortal. Swarthy died before she managed to fulfill her task….

Mantle with golden bees


Kings die, but the symbol of their power – golden bees – pass through centuries and tempt adventurers and ambitious people…

Igor Tarkhanin tried hard to make himself forget his feeling for Ulyana. She was his first love more than ten years ago. But finally he gave up and decided to revive the relationship with the girl. She met him coolly and seemed not to recognize him…

The Star of Babylon


“Artifact&Detective” is the series of books for readers with the fine taste. They are devoted to historical mysteries, “fatal” art objects, and are marked by the brilliant modern plots on the ancient background. The plots are often based on the search of the ancient artifact. Artifacts are objects beyond time. Nobody knows if the passions they cause calm down during the new century.

Ishtar’s Star, the artifact of this novel, is a fine piece of jewelry made of gold and decorated with lazurite, once stolen from Babylon’s ruins. It can fulfill the wishes of its owner, but may destroy the owner if he or she causes the anger of the goddess Ishrar.

Viking’s Amulet


You are looking at the collection of mystery stories written by Natalya Solntseva, a famous detective writer. Special attention it her detectives is given to artifacts.

Each story has an appeal of its own, its small mystery and its own artifact: emeralds of Princess Yusupova, gold of the Scythians, the ancient medallion, necklace made by the famous French jeweler… The fine style and unique plots are sure to bring a lot of pleasure both to Natalya Solntseva’s fans and to those who meets with the stories of this author for the first time.