The Novels

A Coin Of Desires


An ancient Carthaginian coin with the figure of two-faced Janus takes people's lives to make its owner's desires come true.

This ancient Carthaginian coin with two-faced Janus description accidentally comes to hand of businessman Kirill Dubrovin. Legend has it that the coin has the power to bring good luck and make any desire of its owner come true.

Kirill isn't a superstitious one and of course he doesn't believe it…

Chellini's Venus


An owner of a private dog-breeders club... and Privy Councillor of politicians and businessmen Denis Matveev has been killed in a cottage located near Moscow. Prescient man, he used to solve the most difficult crimes without any problems, but he was unable to divine his own death...

A bronze statuette of Venus, made by Italian maestro Benvenuto Chellini in XVI century, turns out to be the instrument of crime.



Scythian Tsarevna's Bracelet

Necklace from “Lalique”

Coral Ring


Mesopotamian Demon

Casual Guest

Mandrake Wine

One more time about love...

Love is the most mystical among all the feelings that a person can feel. Her magnetism cannot be analyzed, it is unexplainable and nevertheless everyone knows it. This secret is very big – said the wisest people about love. There is no one who could resist it, who failed to win this difficult battle, who didn’t become its sacred victim.

It is no matter if you are a man or a woman, still you are unarmed before love, - and deep in your soul you miss her sweet hugs. You are its hostage! It can do you a favor... and it can take your last hope. It is the salt and sense of this world, the world that is so different and contradictory. Love is the magic nectar and the dangerous poison, with them both is filled the cup of life. Drink from it, the beloved children of the Universe!!