The Novels

The Devil's Train


How often did you try to argue with Fate saying that it is unfair to you and lays too heavy burden on your shoulders? Perhaps, quite often… But what did that actually change?

Follow me


A dream… Beautiful, bright and illusory. We imagine how happy we would be when our dream comes true, and if it does not in real life, let it be fulfilled in the virtual reality!

Kamasutra from Shiva


Shiva is an Indian god which is attractive for many men as he is a symbol of masculinity. Legends say that Shiva possessed a lot of ways and advantages which almost each man wants to have. The faraway country, India, adds the air of mystery to this god…

The Jaguar's Leap



Roman Lavrov, the detective, got used to everything since he started to work with Gloria, the mystic. But as it turned out, the world still held a lot of weird things in store for him. And better to beg your guardian angel to avoid them altogether!