The Novels

The Jaguar's Leap



Roman Lavrov, the detective, got used to everything since he started to work with Gloria, the mystic. But as it turned out, the world still held a lot of weird things in store for him. And better to beg your guardian angel to avoid them altogether!

A Passenger from the Titanic


People are either after an elixir of eternal life, or a perfect weapon for immediate death, either for Love or Money (or both).
The girl from the remote village could not suppose she would become such a weapon. The man who found her made her remember her past, plunge into the horrible recollections and kill for the sake of love.

Elixir for Joan of Arc


Handsome cottage, almost a family manor, a happy couple, a stable full of pedigreed horses, a library full of ancient books… A real idyl, but…
In the cellar under the cottage, protected by many locks, an evil monk is brewing weird potions. Possibly he is practicing witchcraft together with the host… Meanwhile several girls are missing in the vicinity, and someone is bringing wreaths to the ice-covered tree…

Gioconda e Pagliaccio


The Time like a disappointed maker is inexorably destroying the female beauty. Women on the opposite are always trying to protect it. If there is even a small chance to hold back the Time and save their beauty forever, a woman will agree to everything, even to the physical death.