The Devil's Train


How often did you try to argue with Fate saying that it is unfair to you and lays too heavy burden on your shoulders? Perhaps, quite often… But what did that actually change?

The main characters of “The Devil's Train” by Natalya Solntseva get involved in the mystery of the favourite pendant of the Greek god Dionysus. This god is tricky and dissolute, and may be dangerous even for the modern people. The sacred object disappeared under the weird circumstances, but it still continues to trouble people and causes weird events.
In the resort town of Messina which was destroyed many times in the past, nobody cares about the ancient legends now. But from time to time, there appears a “ghost train” which travels beyond the limits of time and space and keeps the damned artefact inside!
Isn't this a high time to return the artefact to its owner and put a stop to the mysterious story? Otherwise the angry god will go on intimidating Messina's citizens forever!