Gioconda e Pagliaccio


The Time like a disappointed maker is inexorably destroying the female beauty. Women on the opposite are always trying to protect it. If there is even a small chance to hold back the Time and save their beauty forever, a woman will agree to everything, even to the physical death.

Is that nothing but superstition that most models of famous painters died young after giving their life force to their image on the canvas?
Alina, a beautiful woman, does not believe in such tales. She is sure she will make a perfect Gioconda; her beauty will leave behind the one of her former friend and rival and make her husband adore her even more. The artist is talented, and she is very pretty, nothing can interfere with her plans. However, her friend Rafik who is long in love with her is jealous and warns her that to sit for this artist is dangerous.
Alina would not listen to him if not for the sudden death of the painter’s previous model…