Traces of Gods


Lena Slutskaya is worried by the light glowing in the attic of the opposite house where nobody lived. Trying to find out what it meant, she suspects that a murder is planned, and the possible victim is Pavel Shirokov, a prosperous businessman. The woman decides to warn him.

Meanwhile, weird things are happening in her own life. She is supposed to do things she would never do, and she is also seen where she has never been. Her former husband is horrified by her behavior, but Lena does not remember their meeting. Her lover suspects her of murdering Christopher Grabbe, a watchmaker.

But as weird as it seems, both past and future murders, as well as weird events in Lena’s life have the same reasons and are connected with the mysterious continent of Atlantis which disappeared long ago. The mystery of Atlantis neither stopped to agitate human imagination, nor did people stop seeking for its lost knowledge and treasures.