In the mountains closer to the sky


Marat Kalitin, a former owner of the detective agency “Bars”, leaves for the Pamir Mountains to investigate the mysterious events at the Yazgulemski Ridge. The events for investigation are explosion in the tunnel where the film was shot, and the fate of people who disappeared after the explosion.

Marat is also looking for Larisa, a member of the film crew, upon her husband’s request. Unfortunately, she is found dead, and the question arises who murdered her. Another question is if her death is associated with the gold nugget she recently discovered?

Little by little it dawns on Marat that the roots of the weird events go back to the ancient times and are connected not only with long disappeared earthly civilizations, but with outer-space life too.

This is a part of “Gold” series which includes four novels:
- Book 1 – In the temple of Sun the trees are made of gold
- Book 2 – In the mountains closer to the sky
- Book 3 – The steps of Gods
- Book 4 – Easy steps in the Ocean.