The Dance of Seven Veils


Yury Olenin, a trendy psychoanalyst from Moscow, is rich and enjoys women’s attention. His only trouble is his assistants. One of them is murdered, and the other disappeared.

His latest assistant, Sima, has all reasons to worry for her safety. Rumors are spreading that the doctor killed all those girls. Oleg Kartashin, a man in love with Sima, is trying to warn her of danger, but the girl, fascinated with her boss, does not want to believe in unpleasant facts and seeks Gloria’s help. Gloria finds this case very complicated and confusing.

In the process of her investigation she finds out that the contemporary events are in a mystical way interconnected with the fate of the extraordinary woman – Ida Rubinstein, a famous ballet dancer, and the count Olenin who had a maddening passion for Ida. But what unites doctor Olenin and the unhappy count Olenin? And why the shadow of biblical Salome haunts the mysterious house in the antique side street?

“The mystical is a part of life, its non-obvious area which influences everything. It is justified that hidden facts are more influential than obvious ones. The mystical is defined as something mysterious. But actually it is the connection of Man with Other Worlds. Parallel, spiritual or subtle ones – it is up to you to choose a name for them”. Natalya Solntseva, Author